• The Michelotti Pura 1988

  • The Michelotti Pura

    A 650kgs 155-220bhp Roadster from 1988.

    Capable of 220+kph and 0-100kph in less than 5s. The Pura is the only example of a road going car based on the world championship winning Albatech group C2 racers (1983/4) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1983_World_Sportscar_Championship and Alba AR2 and AR3. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alba_AR2



    Effectively a F3 road car.

    Project work by Alfa & Abarth's Ing Mario Colucci and Georgio Striano's company Albatech.

    Built in carbon fibre and aluminium (carbon-fibre composite chassis) with ground effect body styling offering a power to weight ratio of 4,2-3kgs:HP.

    With Colucci's and Stirano's input the Pura has a real race pedigree.

    Tested and developed in the Fiat wind tunnel, the aerodynamics of the Pura were very ahead of its time for a road car.


    Displayed as a working prototype of a road going mini race car well before the Lotus Elise or Renault Spider, it was proposed just a little ahead of its time.

    The last (and only one) Roadster produced under the Michelotti banner.

    "Built for the Motorshows, it is a road going (one off) prototype"

    In fact it is probably the first ever road going car built in carbon fibre composite completed 4 years before the McLaren Hyper car of 1992.

    Although hi spec, the Pura being very low is a suprisingly small call which could really be classified in the 'etceterini class' of Italian small run cars that were primarily home brew and used for privateer racing.


    Carbon-fibre & aluminum monocoque, rear subframe integrated structural tubular suspension with engine and gearbox forming part of the structure, balanced to 60:40(R:F).

    Reinforcements and crumple-zones for front, rear impact.

    Double-A-arm wishbone suspension with adjustable transverse bell crank and dampers with active ride-height.



    Prepared race engine supplied by Abarth as used in the Alfa 75 Turbo track car.


    Gearbox and drive

    ZF 25% LSD gearbox as used on the Lancia 037 rally car as well as the Maserati Bora and the De Tomaso Pantera.



    Styled by Michelotti with design overseen by Tateo Uchida.

    Aerodynamic high efficiency with ground force effect (Venturi) creating approximately 40% downforce. Design includes flat bottom with rear diffuser, side skirts and barge boards to rear intake fins,

    front intake spoiler with deflectors feeding radiators and brakes creating ground effect.



    Cooling vents to all round Brembo race spec vented disks.



    Direct steering 1.1/4 lock to lock.

    Race spec pedal set, rose jointed for adjustable braking balance.



    FIA centrally & horizontally mounted soft fuel tank as per the group C2 racers with feed pump and swirl tank to Jetronic system.


    These technical specs were designed by Albatech Giorgio Stirano's team, ex Alfa F1 and C2 Endurance racer World championship design engineer and Alba AR2/3 cars and it was intended to be a mini road rocket.

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    Alfa 75 Turbo engine supplied by Abarth as Group A.

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